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October 25, 2021

How to Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent Breast Cancer is action taken to lower the chance of getting cancer. By preventing cancer, the number of new cases of cancer in a group or population is lowered. Hopefully, this will reduce the burden of cancer and lower the number of deaths caused by cancer.

There is no sure way to prevent breast cancer. But there are things you can do that might lower your risk, such as changing risk factors that are under your control.


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Different ways to prevent cancer are being studied, including:

Women prevent breast cancer

  • Weight management can be beneficial: A healthy weight can not only reduce breast cancer risk in women, but can also promote cardiovascular, bone, and mental health. Practice methods such as diet control, yoga, and exercise to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Your diet matters: The importance of a healthy diet and how it can benefit the body is widely acknowledged. However, people often fail to incorporate it into their lifestyle. If you are looking for methods to reduce the risk of breast cancer, consuming a balanced and healthy diet must be a primary step.
  • Do not skip exercise: Staying physically active has been associated with the reduced risk of various physical and mental health conditions. Practicing a regular exercise routine may also benefit women in preventing breast cancer risk. Experts suggest at least 150 minutes of exercise every week.
  • A healthy lifestyle can help: Consuming alcohol, smoking, substance abuse, and following a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of break cancer. Therefore, practicing a clean lifestyle must be taken into consideration to prevent cancer and the risk of other health complications.
  • Don’t Smoke: Smokers and non-smokers alike know how unhealthy smoking is.  On top of lowering quality of life and increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and at least 15 cancers – including breast cancer – it also causes smelly breath, bad teeth, and wrinkles. Now that’s motivation to stay smoke-free or work to get smoke-free.
  • Breastfeed: Breastfeeding for a total of one year or more (combined for all children) lowers the risk of breast cancer. It also has great health benefits for the child.
  • Avoid Birth Control Pills: Particularly After Age 35 or If You Smoke, birth control pills have both risks and benefits. While women are taking birth control pills, they have a slightly increased risk of breast cancer. This risk goes away quickly, though, after stopping the pill. The risk of stroke and heart attack is also increased while on the pill – particularly if a woman smokes. However, long-term use can also have important benefits, like lowering the risk of ovarian cancer, colon cancer and uterine cancer – not to mention unwanted pregnancy – so there’s also a lot in its favor. If you’re very concerned about breast cancer, avoiding birth control pills is one option to lower risk.
  • Avoid Post-Menopausal Hormones: Post-menopausal hormones shouldn’t be taken long term to prevent chronic diseases, like osteoporosis and heart disease. Studies show they have a mixed effect on health, increasing the risk of some diseases and lowering the risk of others, and both estrogen only hormones and estrogen-plus-progestin hormones increase the risk of breast cancer. If women do take post-menopausal hormones, it should be for the shortest time possible. The best person to talk to about the risks and benefits of post-menopausal hormones is your doctor.
  • Talk to your doctor: Certain medications, contraceptives, and hormone replacement therapy may increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Make sure that you stay in touch with your doctor and assess your options of treatment for conditions and contraception.



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