thermal therapy physio Vag
January 17, 2022

Thermal Therapy Physio Vag

Thermal Therapy Physio Vag Treatments with a wide range of choices for a large number of gynaecological applications.

 Thermal Therapy Physio Vag treatments act on functional pathologies as vaginal dryness, bladder leakage, vaginal prolapse, and, fighting against external vaginal aging, achieve aesthetic results as outer and inner labia re-shaping and vaginal tightening.

Diathermy has a positive impact on vaginal treatments acting to correct vaginal mucous membrane laxity, due to a delivery or simply to natural aging, trying to re-establish its original calibre. The RF stimulation on collagen, increasing its turgidity, causes a proper hematic supply and a higher vaginal hydration and exudation, reduces aging symptoms and vaginal dryness, allowing a real functional restoration. Moreover the treatment contribute to facilitate the increase of sexual satisfaction, diminished or lost because of mucous membrane changes, and to maintain a high quality sexual life.

Applications Thermal Therapy Physio Vag 

Technical Characteristics of  Thermal Therapy Physio Vag 

  • 2 different handpieces for internal and external treatments
  • 4 working frequencies to optimize the treatment according to depth and pathology to be treated
  • Continuous and pulsed modes of operation (for a thermal treatments)
  • Temperature control
  • High-quality touch screen colour display, power encoder, foot switch


Physiovag Treatment


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